Our Partners

Almero partners with businesses across the real estate spectrum, from developers to property managers, that share our vision for providing great quality accommodation and services for our tenants. We have, over time, curated an exceptional portfolio of strategically aligned partners to deliver value at each stage of the real estate supply chain.

Steyn Capital

Almero has a sister company, Steyn Capital, which focuses more broadly on real estate in the United States, Europe & South Africa. 

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London Shared

London Shared rent properties from landlords on behalf of corporate and professional tenants to maximise the property’s value through effective, ongoing management.

Their basic model is one whereby they lease a property from a landlord on a 3 to 5-year managing agreement, and then rent out the rooms to working professionals. Properties are rented directly from the landlord for a fixed-term tenancy, paying a guaranteed rent in-line with market rates.


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